Wedding trends are ever evolving, including the details that make a day truly special and set each wedding apart. One such detail, the boutonniere, has seen subtle changes over the years, mostly in content.   However, there have been some exciting forms that have emerged as well as opportunities for the couple to express their individuality and interests.  Here, I explore the latest trends in wedding boutonnieres, offering couples fresh ideas to consider for their big day. I saved the best for last, so don’t miss number 6!

1. Personalization at Its Best

Today’s weddings are all about personal touches that reflect the couple’s style and story, and boutonnieres are no exception. Personalized boutonnieres can incorporate elements significant to the couple, such as special blooms or incorporating meaningful elements, fabrics, or heirlooms that have sentimental value. This allows couples to make a statement about their journey and love story.

2. Eco-Friendly Choices

Sustainability is a significant trend across all aspects of the wedding industry. Using locally sourced flowers, foliage and other natural products is the best way to minimize the  impact of boutonnieres.  This requires that a couple be flexible about flowers being incorporated as it is sometimes hard to predict what flowers will be available locally. Using live plants is another option for sustainability. Some plants can be rerouted after the event to keep as a remembrance of the day.

3. Smaller Blooms and Unique Textures

For much of last century, boutonnieres featured one large bloom, such as a rose or a carnation.  The 2000’s brought about a welcome change to that aspect of the wedding.  One, or a series of smaller blooms, took the spotlight.  Mix in different foliages, dried flowers, berries or grasses and the end result is an interesting and textured vignette.

4. Color

Couples often ask me if there are rules about color or if the color they are asking for is OK.  Here is the rule on color—— there is no rule on color.  We live in a wonderful time when the trend is whatever you want it to be!  There is no wrong answer.   That being said, your florist will be able to help you make the most of your color desires.

5. InterestIng Stem Treatments

Traditionally boutonniere stems are wrapped with tape and are designed to not stand out.  More and more couples are using this space as a place to show their individuality or carry on a theme.  The stem can be wrapped with twine or ribbon to match the theme.  I have had couples showcase their interests by using objects such as shell casings, music themed cones and charms to accent their boutonnieres.

6. Pocket Boutonniere

The most exciting trend in this category is the pocket boutonniere.  This is a horizontal collection of flowers and foliage that nestles into the pocket of the jacket where the pocket square would be.  The floral vignette sits across the top of the pocket leaving a nice clean lapel.  It looks sleek and modern and  best of all- no pins!

The evolution of boutonnieres from a traditional floral accessory to a personalized statement piece reflects the changing style of weddings. Today, there’s an emphasis on individuality and creativity, allowing couples to express themselves and their love story. Todays boutonnieres offer a fresh take on tradition, making them a focal point of the wedding instead of an afterthought.