As nature wakes up and the first buds of spring start to bloom, so does the season for weddings. Spring, with its symbolic new beginnings, presents an ideal backdrop for couples to start their new life together.  Spring wedding flowers combine the  essence of the season and with the  personality of the wedding couple.  This guide explores spring wedding bouquets, incorporating seasonal blooms, color palettes, and styles to inspire your choice.

Exciting Seasonal Blooms

Spring offers a bounty of flowers that are perfect for bridal bouquets. Most types of flowers can be sourced year round, but spring boasts some blooms that are more difficult to find at other times of the year.  Embrace the season with these popular choices:

  • Peonies: Known for their lush, voluminous petals, come in a wide range of colors from white to deep purplish pinks.  They are the epitome of  romance. Their peak season begins in late spring, making them a favorite for May weddings.
  • Ranunculus: These flowers offer a sophisticated look with their layered, delicate petals and are available in a variety of hues to match any wedding color scheme.  The flower blossoms are smaller and are a great accent flowers.
  • Tulips: A classic spring flower, tulips come in nearly every color imaginable. But beware, tulips have a mind of their own.  The stems may change direction after being designed or right before your eyes, depending upon the light or their mood.  If the weather is warm, your tight tulip buds may open wide for a beautiful but completely different look.  This is a choice I would suggest to a couple with a natural, relaxed sensibility.
  • Lilacs: With their sweet fragrance and soft pastel colors, lilacs add a touch of nostalgia and romance to any bridal bouquet.  Lilac season is quite short, so if you have your heart set on these, talk to your florist early in the planning process.
  • Lily of the Valley:  This premium bloom is often the choice at royal weddings.  Its delicate white blooms embody elegance.  Because of its diminutive size and potentially high cost, it is most often used as an accent flower.

Color Palettes for Spring

Spring bouquets often feature soft, pastel shades, but there’s plenty of room for vibrant colors and unique combinations:

  • Soft Pastels: Think of gentle pinks, lavenders, peaches and baby blues. These colors mirror the softness of spring and work beautifully with classic wedding themes.
  • Bright and Bold: For a more energetic palette, mix in bright yellows, fuchsia, or coral. These colors reflect the joy of the season and add a lively touch to your celebration.
  • White and Green: A timeless choice, this palette brings out the fresh, crisp feel of spring. Incorporate various greens for texture and depth.

Style and Composition

The style of your bridal bouquet should complement your wedding theme and personal aesthetic. Spring bouquets can range from structured to whimsical:

  • Classic and Elegant: A round bouquet in a loose airy style or a more compact orb offers a traditional look that never goes out of style.
  • Wild and Whimsical: For a more relaxed vibe, opt for an asymmetrical bouquet with a mix of flowers and foliage that appears freshly gathered from a spring meadow.
  • Cascading bouquets: This elegant style is being resurrected from the past, but with an updated look and feel.
  • Monoflora and monochromatic: A bouquet with a focus on one type of flower or a monochromatic color scheme can make a modern and sophisticated statement.

Your wedding bouquet is more than just a collection of flowers; it’s an expression of your love story wrapped in the joy of the season. By choosing the right blooms, colors, and style, you can create a bouquet that not only complements your wedding aesthetic but also holds a special meaning. Let the blossoming romance of spring inspire you to design a bridal bouquet that you’ll cherish.

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