Choosing flowers for your wedding can be an exciting experience.  Or it can be a daunting task.  The reality for many is that it falls somewhere on the spectrum between these emotions.  Read on to get a general overview of the process and where Bloom Weddings might fit into your wedding flower solution.

Before booking an appointment with a florist, you should know your wedding venue and reception venue (if applicable).  Wedding color scheme should be chosen and dresses should be picked out.  

Next, consider your needs.  How many male and female attendants do you have?  Would you like parents, grandparents or other extended family and friends to have a floral accent?  Are there flower girls, ring bearers or family pooches involved?  What about decorations for the ceremony site, cocktail hour and reception.  Search online for pictures on your venue or other sources to get your ideas and creative juices flowing.

All of this will help your florist determine style, mood and flower choices.

Another important detail to aid in an effective working relationship is budget.  Budgets are hard to think and talk about, but are often crucial to balance needs and desires vs. reality. Most publications will tell you that the floral budget should be 7-10% of your wedding total. 

I agree that those figures are a good guideline for most couples.  However, each couple has different priorities.  If your passion is with a live band or fabulous desserts, adjust the ratio in a way that works for you.  Conversely, if you have always dreamed of tiptoeing through mounds of blooms on your wedding day, perhaps your flower ratio will need to be more generous.  This is a personal and individual decision.  It will require some thought, but is very helpful to your florist.

It is best to meet with two to three florists to get the best fit. Ideally you should consult  with florists at least 9-12 months prior to your wedding. At 5-9 months you may run across limited availability.  There may be fewer options, flexibility and availability as you approach your wedding.  Keep in mind that some areas of the country book out earlier than others.  This information is a general guide, but not universal.

Provide florists with as much of the above  information as possible.  Be realistic; if you have a large wedding planned, but a modest budget, be ready to compromise on size and/ or content of arrangements. Straightforward communication between the florist and client is key to balancing expectations, budget and outcome.  Here is to realizing all your wedding dreams!

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